Allen and Heath 16 channel analog studio console with firewire I/O on every channel, plus 2 extra channels with DA-AD 17&18 for the master bus. You also get 4 stereo analog channels with 2 band EQ. This is a great recording board if you track or mix using a DAW-- it's very versatile and intuitive. Also, the 16 channel faders can control midi in your DAW, as well as 4 dedicated midi faders, 12 midi knobs, 8 midi buttons, and a transport control.-- all assignable to plugins, etc. It also has excellent preamps and EQ-- not the same as the rest of the ZED series. Instead it has the same channel strips as A&H's big hybrid recording console, the GSR24. The converters are also excellent, with Cirrus-Logic chips. Never any complaints about sound quality.
I've loved the workflow and sound of this board, but alas, it's not really set up to interface well with tape machines (no direct outs or second set of line inputs). The board will still be setup in my studio until the end of the month when I have time to transition to my new console. You can come by and check it out, all hooked up to a patchbay.
Oh yeah, it also includes some custom walnut sides that I made that look classy and also give it more angle. Comes with the original plastic sides, manual, and box. Under 2 years old and mostly covered when not in use.

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