My story
Brandy is a very sweet, cuddly and athletic pup who is always smiling. She has beautiful chocolatey brown fur and wants to be right by your side, whether hanging out at home or out on walks, and she loves being pet all over. Brandy is aways ready to get out adventuring with her person and would make a great running buddy. She greets her people with lots of tail wags, she leashes up beautifully and is thrilled to get out from the barking at the shelter and explore the great outdoors. Then she's happy to chill and spend some one-on-one time relaxing with her people. Brandy is fully house-trained, and she's thriving in APA!'s Total Obedience Program (TOP), which is modeled after the AKC's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. As a TOP dog, Brandy has a personalized training plan and works with a volunteer trainer several times a week to help her learn skills like sitting calmly when approached by strangers or other dogs, staying in a sit or down until told 'free,' coming when called and 'place', which means she will go to a specific place in your home on command. And as part of APA's Total Obedience Program you can work with APA staff to continue to build a training relationship with her after adoption and master all the TOP dog skills together. Check out a video on APA's CGC program, on which the TOP was based: Brandy wants nothing more than to be loved on and have people to call her own. She'd love a home with a yard to play fetch and chase in and an active person to get her out for walks or runs. In return, she promises to be the most affectionate and loyal companion you could hope for. Come meet her!

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