Rocky Road's story
Rocky Road is a striking looking pup with golden eyes and a little spot on his back in the shape of his heart. He likes to think of himself as an independent guy, but he is very grateful to his people and once he loves you, he REALLY loves you. After he eats a meal, he'll come find you and cover you with kisses. This reluctant softie seems really impressed when people are kind to him and gives them a big smile when they come home from work. This sweet boy is anxious around new things - squeaky toys are cause for concern and he was even scared by his reflection in his water bowl. But once he's acquainted and comfortable with new human friends, he becomes a calm, affectionate companion who loves nothing more than to cuddle with them. He's a pretty low energy guy, so snuggling is pretty much is favorite activity. He's also house-trained and does well left home alone. Rocky Road is looking for a family who can continue to help him build his confidence, maybe one with a well-matched doggie companion to help him learn the ropes. If that sounds like yours, come meet this sweet pup!

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