My story
Rufus is like that goofy friend of yours who is always cracking you up and whose zest for life is contagious! Rufus is happy doing just about anything - whether that's zooming around the yard, chasing tennis balls, or lounging in mud puddles like the cutest little hippo you've ever seen. Once he gets a few zoomies out of the way, he's ready to lounge around and watch a Netflix marathon. But no matter what he's doing, he's doing it with a huge grin and a huge tongue hanging out! His big smile and his wiggly butt are hard to resist. Rufus walks great on leash. He will happily hang out in his crate, but most of the time he doesn't need it - he stays home alone loose in the apartment while his foster parents are at work. He doesn't get on the furniture and has learned to stay out of certain areas of the house, like the kitchen. He loves attention and is especially fond of men. Very laid back and affectionate, Rufus loves to lay close by his people and gently remind them that they should be scratching his belly. But he also enjoys his alone time and will lounge on his bed or look out the window quietly while his people do things around the house. He's so happy to see his people every time they come home, he can't help doing a couple zoomies before rolling over for belly rubs. His quirks include laying with his feet sticking straight out behind him from under his chubby rear end and he often has very exciting dreams and makes adorable little barking and howling noises. APA!'s favorite little hippo lives big and loves big. We can't wait for him to get into a home where his big love is reciprocated and where he gets all the snuggling he can handle. Come meet this goofy charmer today!

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