Scratchy's story
If your favorite weekend activities involve hikes, exercise, and long walks, then Scratchy could very well be your new best friend and loyal sidekick! Scratchy still has a lot of excited puppy energy, and he's always energized and ready for for new adventures. Scratchy loves other dogs, does great in playgroup and definitely likes to get rowdy with his canine friends. He's also done well well with the children he's met. Scratchy's ideal household would involve him included in their activities and keep him learning. Eager to please, Scratchy's trainer says he's the most intelligent dog she's worked with in APA's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program. Scratchy works with a volunteer trainer several times a week toward the goal of passing the American Kennel Club's CGC test! To pass the CGC test, a dog must demonstrate obedience and general reliability in real world situations. Dogs in APA's CGC program learn to walk nicely on leash, sit calmly when approached by strangers or another dog, won't approach people or dogs without permission, greet people appropriately, stay in a sit or down until told 'free,' and come when called. As part of APA's CGC program you can work with APA to continue to build a training relationship with Scratchy after adoption and get officially CGC certified for free! Check out a video about CGC: Looking for the best of both worlds? Scratchy's your guy. Come meet him so you can start making new memories ASAP!

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