My story
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Please contact Rae ( for more information about this pet.Hello,My name is Donner and I'm an awesome little Lynx Point Siamese boy.  My markings are a bit different right now - I have swirls on my body instead of stripes. I came from a colony near an apartment complex in Houston with my Mom and 3 brothers and 2 sisters.  We are Mama's third litter and some of the great ladies that do rescue near where I lived decided that Mama was not going to have any more babies.Our poor Mama is a feral - that means she is extremely afraid of humans and won't let anyone touch her.  Sad because she probably will never know the comforts of a loving indoor home, but at least she will be spayed, vaccinated against diseases and microchipped and returned to her familiar territory where there are people who feed and watch out for them.  During the cold snap a kind man allowed us to take shelter inside his garage where he fed us and we kept warm and had a nice snuggy spot where Mama could take care of us.  Mama came with us to Killeen for two reasons, to see if she would calm to the indoor life and the the kind treatment of just one or two humans to see if she could adapt AND to stay with us as long as we needed.  We're still nursing some and that's a good thing.Unfortunately we are all healthy except we have a pretty good case of ringworm.  We've been seen by the vet and we're on oral meds and topical cream AND if the warmer weather holds a bit we'll also get medicated baths.  It can take 4-6 weeks to conquer this fungus so we won't be availble to go home with you until we are over it.  Foster Mom has put May 1st as our available date but it could be less time or even a little more.  We are available for PRE adoption with a refundable deposit that will be applied to our adoption fee when it's time.Right now we're mostly scared of everything because Mama is, but Foster Mom and Foster sister are both working with us and now my brother Dasher chases Mom's feet and asks for pets and attention. Several of my other sibs are warming up too but for the most part we play with toys and sleep a lot.  By the time we are ready we will be pocket kittens!Foster Mom would prefer we go in pairs so we have a friend so we're not so scared but if there is another appropriate pet already in your home we could come as a single.  IF you are truly interested in us let Foster Mom know and she can send you a video of us so you can see us in action.  Not good for you to be near/handling us since you could get the ringworm too so for now this is the best way.We are sure lucky that we got picked up and are now in a warm home with toys, food and the right meds so we can get rid of this itchy fungus.  Wouldn't you love for us to come and be your forever kitty?  We are soooo cute!!! and we'll love you forever!Foster Mom will be getting individual photos of us soon.Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet.

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