Please Help Sweet Baby Bully Kim find her forever home!!
On July 11th these precious puppies, only a week and half old, and their mother (only 18 month old herself.) were rescued from a puppy Mill outside Galveston, Tx where they were kept in a box. outside with a blanket and wood on top of the box. They were taken to Galveston shelter by a compassionate Humane Society personal. However she didn?t know Galveston shelter is a No pit bull city, because they?re pitties, they were going to be put down. Once safe in Austin the puppies one by one came down with parvo. They?ve all been nursed (at a huge costs) back to health. They are all healthy and thriving!! All but Kim have found their loving forever homes.
We took our rescue pup (and sister) Bijoux from the litter at 4 weeks old to try to save her from coming down with parvo. However she too came down with this nasty virus. These sisters have over come it all!! They are strong sweet souls and deserving of the best home and loving family.
At 12 weeks we decided to foster Kim so the sisters could be reunited and teach each other important dog behaviors. They are thriving both in health and behaviors. Kim has been receiving training from top notch Leaps and Hounds trainer. Kim is so smart she is picking up all her new behaviors in record time. Tons of ?good girls? going on over here. Plus she?s getting plenty of experience with our two young boys. Kim is 4 months old and 22 pounds with an adorable puppy belly. She?s up to date on all shots, spayed and mircochipped. We have crate trained Kim. She has been excelling on her training. Eating out of our hands and even my 3 yr old?s hand!! Stellar at sitting and laying down on command and around our boys. She is very sweet with our two young boys. She Loves her bully sticks and roll up hides. She?s not a jumper or a barker. Such a personality! Just truly a joy. Kim is a lover? always kissing on us and our 7 month old.
Her Dog trainer called Kim: ?She?s a baby Joan jet. Sassy and smart, and totally rock-n-roll.?
Who?s the lucky forever pup lover that will sweep this girl up? Contact me for more questions. Ryel(at) 562-seven60-488four
There will be an adoption application and rehoming Fee.

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