Will gladly take $40 for all of it. Will also give discounts for multiple items. Have a few nicer items you can look at, too, but we mostly want these to go away. Call with an email address if you would like pictures.
Small set of 5 black grids--makes a nice double triangle hanging organizer or whatever--$3
Pink translucent 3-cube organizer--three units with buttons, great for light things--$5
Small brown wood oval side table--missing one triple leg on one side, but that makes it easy to fit against a wall next to a sofa--$3
Black metal with plywood top printer table (good size for a child desk)--$5
White large 3-drawer cart (has drawers that are broken but useable) $5.
White organizers--one with a drawer for $2, one smaller without a drawer 50 cents.
Black taller 5-drawer cart with no drawers that makes a nice low shelf if you put in boards or have some things that fit like I do--$3.
4-drawer older small white plastic organizer (fits nicely on the large one) $5.
Open wire matching shelving towers-silver chrome--$5, $10.
Homemade white 3-shelf unit. Needs work, but strong enough to hold my printer and lots of books. White laminate particle board with 2x2 wood uprights and a side and back prop in wood to keep it level. Use it or tear it apart to use the shelves for something better--$10.
Small homemade 3-shelf unit, perfect for bathroom goodies (good size for deodorant, perfume bottles) - $2.
Larger homemade plywood bookshelf--dirty and needs blocks underneath to be level but very sturdy, holds lots of books $8.
Small very sturdy resin end table, two shelves, roundish, dark wood-tone--$5.
Medium-sized door mirror--can see yourself head to toes in it, nicer reddish wood frame-$5.
Two broken but useable plastic 18 gallon grey totes with lids $1 each.
Small plain square reddish brown table with tapered legs--$5
reddish blonde coffee table, lightweight wood, needs top refinished but not too bad--$5.
4 sideline sort of chairs, blue color, $5 each.

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