The scooter includes the original charger and BRAND NEW batteries (12v 50AH Deep Cell Lead-Acid). All of the batteries have just been recently replaced. I've kept all the paperwork and title. I have all the documentation, including all of the maintenance that has been done on it. I'm the original owner, and I purchased this, brand new, from Ann at Alien Scooters in Austin back in 2011.
The odometer reads almost 10000 miles, but the speedometer is inaccurate (80%). It really only has about 8000 miles on it. The scooter runs well. Perfect for someone who doesn't want to deal with the hassle of changing oil and maintaining a gas scooter.
I just had it maintained and checked by Mark at Electric Avenue Scooters in Hyde Park, Austin TX. He replaced front brake pads and tested the scooter out. Give Mark a call ( or ) and ask him about my scooter, and he'll confirm that the scooter is in good shape. I have all the paperwork of everything done to the scooter.
I gave it a custom paint job of blue/silver. The scooter looks great. The tags on the plate have expired. Please, make me an offer!
Part #1241-4US020605
Model: EVT-4000e (GS)
Color: Custom paint job--Metallic Blue
Model Year: 2008
Max Speed: 31 MPH (51 KMH)
VIN# RF8BS90019P000044
Engine# NM0842072
S/C: EVT-970056
Date Ship: 12/30/2008
Rides better than Honda Rukus, Metropolitan, Vespa, or Yamaha Vino. NO gas! Save money!

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