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I'm selling a kick-a$$ Karate Monkey. 2011 model. Grey frame.

Tube measurements:.
Top Tube = 22in.
Down Tube = 27in.
Seat Tube = 19in.

Base model is incredible, and added:.
A) a rear cassette.
B) front shock.
C) wheels/hubs.
D) somewhat narrower and lighter weight bars.

29er obviously.
Cromoly frame.
Disc brakes.
... all that is basic.
Added rear cassette and shifter for 1x10 (came as SS, initially).
Added front shock for a somewhat cushier flight.
Lightened the load and updated to more deserving wheels.
Lightened further with carbon fiber handle bars.
... I have original parts, other than for the wheels, included in the sale.

This thing is a tank and I enjoy it. Really few miles however as the build was followed promptly by a baby and a pregnancy. Really excellent as images show.

Don't hesitate to call or text. 51- seven-230-0436.

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