My story
Big Brody is a super lovable guy who just wants to follow his person around and get and give lots of kisses and get as close to them as possible. He's a little aloof around new people until he realizes pets and belly rubs might be in the offering, and then he wants all their attention too. Pretty much everything Big Brody does is adorable, from the way he gets so excited about going outside to the way he looks at you when he wants to give you a kiss. Even the way he rolls over for belly rubs is super cute! Big Brody's a pretty laid back guy in the house and isn't much into playing, through he'll occasionally do play bows with the little dogs in his foster home. But when he's out in the yard, he seems to have all the energy in the world and likes to clumsily do zoomies and bump into things. He currently lives with two mini schnauzers and a chihuahua who he gets along well with. Despite his size, he's very submissive with other dogs, and he likes being around the ones who are sweet like him. He doesn't even chase cats or squirrels and seems to want everyone to get along. He's also very well-behaved and learns the rules of the house quickly. He's fully house and crate-trained and happily goes right into his crate when asked. Big Brody is just a big, sweet, happy guy who would love a home with a yard and one with a lot of people around to give him attention. If that sounds like yours, come meet this great pup!

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