My story
Billy has an amazing smile and big, beautiful, soulful eyes that are exactly the grey/brown color of his coat. His big feet turn out a little like a duck and his ears go sideways like little bat wings making Billy one unique-looking and very handsome dog. Billy can be a bit shy with new people, but once he's warmed up, he's proven to be a first-rate cuddler. He likes to snuggle in close, slather you with kisses and rolls right over for belly rubs. He's also known for giving 'drive by kisses' on the hand or leg. As affectionate as he is, Billy also has an independent streak and will happily keep himself entertained with his toys for hours - tennis balls, stuffed toys, chew toys, squeakies, bob-a-lots, snuffle mats - he loves them all! Billy will wrestle with his toys, rolling over on his back and adorably holding them up in the air with his paws. He even tosses tennis balls to himself! Billy also enjoys to play tug-of-war and chase with people and other dogs, and he loves mixing it up with his canine friends in playgroup at the shelter. Billy likes getting some exercise in and enjoys going on walks and runs, but overall he has a pretty moderate energy level and enjoys his nap time just as much as being active. He also has excellent manners in the home - he's house-trained and can be left alone without getting into any trouble. He's smart too and already knows sit, down and shake and will happily learn more in exchange for treats (especially cheese - other treats are nice and all, but as far as Billy's concerned, nothing compares to glorious cheese!). Billy is also thriving in APA!'s Total Obedience Program (TOP), which is modeled after the AKC's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. As a TOP dog, Billy has a personalized training plan and works with a volunteer trainer several times a week to help him learn skills like sit and down, walking nicely on leash, sitting calmly when approached by strangers or other dogs, staying in a sit or down until told 'free,' coming when called and 'place', which means Billy will go to a specific place in your home on command. Once Billy successfully completes all the skills on his training plan, he will be considered TOP Dog Ready! Billy is working hard to become a wonderful companion, and as a part of APA's Total Obedience Program you can work with APA staff to continue to build a training relationship with him after adoption and master all the TOP dog skills together. Check out a video on APA's CGC program, on which the TOP was based: Affectionate, well-behaved and so much fun to be around, Billy would love a home with active people who will include him in their adventures and give him plenty of snuggles and playtime. If that sounds like yours, come meet this great pup! Follow Billy on Instagram @adopt_apa_billyboop

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