Mazzy Star's story
Handsome! Playful! Silly! Enter a Star! Mazzy Star, that is. Mazzy is quite the show stopper with his lux Russian Blue coat. His golden eyes will mesmerize you and his perky whiskers are a playful delight. The most unique thing about Mr. Star is his endearing way to drink water. He will stand in his water bowl and dip his paw in, then slurp it up with the same paw. We've seen kitties drink water with their paw before, but we haven't seen one that likes to stand in the water bowl when they do it! Such a cutie. Mazzy Star enjoys the company of other feline friends. He will happily nap and romp around with other cats. He is learning to trust humans and has already made great progress at the shelter! Approach him with treats in one hand and a wand toy in the other, and you have Mazzy's affection for life. Mazzy Star is highly treat motivated. His reservation is washed away into curiosity and intrigue when he sees you have a fistful of kitty snacks. Mazzy's personality really begins to shine when he starts to play. His eyes light up with excitement as he chases a feather toy across the floor. Playtime is a great time to give Mazzy some pets. He likes soft rubs on his back! Mazzy Star would love to be in a home that can give him some time to come out of his shell. He adores other cats and would do well with a buddy! Mazzy Star hasn't met any children yet. Due to his shy nature, he would do best with older children that can give him some time to warm up. A home with no dogs would be ideal. But Mazzy may get along with a very cat-experienced, gentle dog with the right introduction. Make sure to give this guy a big water bowl to splash around in! Contact us today to meet Mazzy Star! All APA! cats are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and have updated vaccines and a microchip. Lifetime support is offered by our Cat Behavior Team. For further information or to meet Mazzy Star, please email

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