My story
From her soulful eyes to her gentle presence, everything about Serengeti seems to be saying 'I love you, please love me!' She enjoys nothing more than being with people, and she isn't picky who she gets attention from either - kids, strangers, the more the merrier. This sweet lady definitely thinks she's a lap dog, and while we don't have the heart to tell her she's a little big for all that, if you're looking for a dog you can snuggle up with, Serengeti will be thrilled to meet you. Serengeti is a pup of simple tastes who loves to go on walks and sunbathe in the backyard. She has a low to medium energy level and likes to zoom around with the younger dogs from time to time, but mostly just enjoys her walks and cuddle time. She hasn't shown a great interest in playing with toys, but she will pick one up if it's in her path, and she adores her Kongs. She's great with meeting dogs, and she currently lives with two in her foster home, a Greyhound Mix and an Anatolian Shepard. Her foster mom also pet-sits, so she's regularly with dogs of all sizes and enjoys playing with the puppies. Serengeti has great manners in the home - she's fully house and crate-trained, going right in her crate and napping when left home alone. Give her a kong or chew stick, and she's happy as can be. She's great at following the household rules and takes treats gently. Low key and low maintenance, Serengeti would make a wonderful addition to any number of loving homes who will give her a bit of exercise and plenty of attention, since spending time with her family is her favorite thing. If you think you can handle all that, come meet this amazing pup!

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