My story
Whatever Spice's former life was like, she clearly wasn't a dog who got a lot of human attention. This sweet girl is just learning how this beloved family dog thing works, and she's made a lot of progress in her foster home. At first, Spice wasn't interested in interacting with the resident dog, a big Anatolian Shepherd mix, but she started coming out of her shell and now enjoys playing with him when they go out in the yard. She was already fully house-trained when she arrived, but still had to be carried outside to use the bathroom. It wasn't long before she figured out the routine and now goes out with her people and canine buddy to do some light exploring and sit in the grass. Inside, Spice is a big fan of her crate and likes to spend a lot of time in there during the day. She also has a bed that's out of the way of the main traffic of the house and she likes to chill out there as well. Spice is definitely not a dog that's going to cause a ruckus - she's happy to chill to the side and keep an eye on whatever's going on. She's warmed up to her foster parents and will approach them and accept pets, and their 13 year-old daughter is her main person and caregiver, and Spice is very sweet with her. Spice is looking for a quiet home to match her low key nature, and she'd love one with a backyard and a social doggie sibling to help her continue to come out of her shell. In return, Spice promises to be a well-behaved houseguest as she continues to blossom into the amazing companion she's destined to be. Come meet her!

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