American Bulldog - Mason - Large - Adult - Male - Dog
Have you ever seen such a handsome guy? Mason has classic good looks, with his white coat and soft brown patches around his eyes and on his rubbable belly. He's smart, he's loyal, he's gentle when he should be and strong and brave when the occasion calls for it. All around, he's a pretty great dog. But all dogs need jobs, and all dogs want to know their role in their household. Even though Mason is obviously a very fine fellow, he is looking for his niche. Mason has lots of wonderful qualities. He is calm and mellow indoors, lively and playful outdoors. He gets along well with people and dogs, including smaller versions of both. He's clever and eager to learn, picking up new tricks quickly with just a few reward treats. He fetches well, he just loves to play tug-of-war, he is an excellent car rider, and he is ready to go anywhere at any time. But Mason needs a home and a consistent person to help him know exactly what's expected of him. Mason may chase cats, so until he knows he shouldn't, he probably shouldn't go to a household that includes them. Sometimes he pulls on the leash when he encounters other dogs. He just needs gentle guidance to be the good dog he obviously wants to be. Like any dog, Mason would also benefit from having a job to do. He could be an ideal watchdog, announcing a knock at the door in a fine, loud voice, then greeting visitors with kisses and instant friendship. Mason just wants to be loved and know where he fits. He stays as close and asks for affection and reassurance by touching his foster with one big, sweet paw. Clearly, Mason is asking how he can earn his place in a home of his own. With gentle, steady love, firm and clear direction, room to run and maybe a playmate his own size, Mason could be a beloved and essential member of almost any family. Come interview him for the job opening at your house today. And don't forget to give his belly a rub while you're at it!
Breed: American Bulldog
Size: Large
Petfinder ID: 22834001
Pet has been spayed/neutered
Austin Pets Alive! | Austin, TX
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